2018 National Chess Day results at Hialeah Gardens Senior High (October 13, 2018) are as follow:

K-1 category: 1st place team trophy (out of  3 schools)

1. Patricio Rodriguez-Jeudy - 2nd place individual trophy

2. Ashton Lubin (first time participating)

3. Daniel D'Alba (first time participating)

4. Elijah Volmy

5. Alejandro Barrera (first time participating)


K-3 category: also won 1st place trophy (out of 5 schools)

1. Oliver Novack: top 5 in this category

2. Patrick Jeudy

3. Brielle Jeune

4. Lev Scher (first time participating)

5. Luis Agudo

6. Brandon Dume (first time participating)


K-5 category

1. Isabella Barrera (first time participating)

2. Zyon Spence

 2019 South Championship Chess Tournament  at Hialeah Gardens Senior High (February 2, 2019). The results are as follows:

K-1 team: 1st place team trophy

1. Patricio Rodriguez-Jeudy: 2nd place individual trophy

2. Elijah Volmy

3. Alejandro Barrera

4. Ashton Lubin

K-3 team: 5th place team trophy

1. Harmony Haynes

2. Anais Beauvais

3. Oliver Novack

4. Patrick Jeudy

5. Lev Scher

K-5 team (great effort):

1. Malik Volmy

2. Isabella Barrera

3. Dallas M. Volmy